Industrial Experiments

EuroCPS major objective is to initiate new business and innovation opportunities between SMEs and new entrants with major CPS-platform providers and competence centers to exploit the new emerging market of the Internet of Things (IoT).

EuroCPS funds Industrial Experiments for developing innovative CPS products that will increase the competitiveness of European innovator entities. The targeted products shall be designed, constructed and built on the EuroCPS Platforms provided by AVL, IFAT, Intel, SEI, ST-F, ST-I and Thales. The planned work shall be in collaboration with at least one of the EuroCPS Competences centers for design support located across the European region at AVL, BME, DIGICAT, HTNL, CEA, FhG, FPG, LTU, UNIBO and Thales. Each Industrial Experiment shall not exceed 18 months of duration.

EuroCPS selects Industrial Experiments by means of three open calls organized during the first period of the project. The objective is to select and thus funds more than 30 Industrial Experiments all over Europe focusing at least on one of the following areas:

Today 34 Industrial Experiments have been selected for grants. The nine experiments selected in the first open call (April 2015) have already started. The fifteen experiments selected in the second call (October 2015) will start during Spring 2016.

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