General information

Manufacturer AVL
Technology Integrated and Open Development Platform for CPS


This components platform from AVL supports the entire development process for road vehicles from office to lab to road by integrating real (hardware) and virtual (simulation models) development methods into one framework: Such an integrated development platform offers a seamless exchange of data from the concept phase to road testing. Thereby, the characteristic operating conditions like legislative test cycles, real world driving emissions and customer specific drive profiles or misuse tests can all be applied in a real as well as in a virtual environment during all phases of development. This also includes a cross-phase usage of tools like automatic optimization and calibration. This approach facilitates an efficient and goal-oriented development and validation of extremely complex drive configurations. Benefits for the researchers and engineers: Test cases and development tasks can be performed with a plant model of the entire vehicle, independently of the availability of hardware components in every stage of the development process. Specific features are:

  • Interfaces for a wide variety of simulation tools used for vehicle development and control
  • Support of FMI (Functional Mockup Interface)
  • Link to PLM systems and data bases

In EuroCPS, AVL will support SMEs to foster their products based on AVL tools and platforms. Within this framework, different tools can connect on and exchange product-related information over the tool boundaries by means of well-defined mechanisms. The control logics and the diagnostic procedures can be implemented and tested on dedicated SW and Hardware-in-the-loop features.