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Design center: High Tech NL
Address: Netherlands, NL-3527 Utrecht,
Van Vollenhovenlaan 659.



Supported CPS platforms


High Tech NL (HTNL) is a cluster organization aiming to stimulate R&D&I cooperation within the Dutch High Tech industry. Founded, as association, in January 2013, as successor of the Point One association (2008), HTNL relies completely on the member fees. Currently HTNL hosts about 140 members (75 SMEs, 23 Les, 12 KIs and 30 associates). The main technology focus within HTNL includes mechatronics, micro- and nano-electronics and embedded systems with application in markets as semiconductor equipment, semiconductor components and devices, security solutions, healthcare equipment, solar equipment, lighting solutions, printing equipment.

Two main activities form the baseline of HTNL: the Innovation Agenda and the Human Capital agenda. The cluster members are supported through thematic meetings, workgroups, additional network enhancement events and support activities. The Human Capital agenda focuses on a significant improvement of the influx of more and better educated employees into the high tech industry. Within the Innovation agenda internationalization plays an important role, where HTNL guides her members towards regional, national and European collaborative R&D programs (FP7, H2020, ECSEL, ENIAC, ARTEMIS, EPOSS, EUROSTARS etc.) by exploring and showing the way to financial support from governments as well as facilitating entrance by in particular SMEs to such programs

High Tech NL maintains strong relations with both Dutch as (a growing number of) European High Tech cluster organizations in support of her members and to further strengthen the position of the Dutch high tech industry in Europe.


  • AutomotiveNL
  • Brainport Industries (high tech supply chain)
  • Business Cluster Semiconductors Netherlands
  • Lucht- en Ruimtevaart Nederland (Aerospace)
  • Materials 2 Innovate
  • Holland Instrumentation


  • Silicon Saxony (Germany)
  • Minalogic (France)
  • DSP Valley (Flanders)
  • Systematic Paris Region
  • Advancity Paris
  • ME2C (Austria)
  • Mecatech (Wallonia)


On national level, the Netherlands has the so called “Top Sector Policy” as innovation agenda for selected markets and technologies. The Topsector “High Tech systems and materials” is important for the EuroCPS project. This policy forms the basis for the public-private collaboration on innovation. Through this instrument Innovation is supported on a national level and are the links to the European initiatives supported.