About the EuroCPS project

EuroCPS is an European funded project gathering several design centers in order to boost and initiate synergies between innovative companies, major CPS-platforms and CPS-competency providers.

The motivation of the project is to enable companies making new CPS products to get access to leading edge technology platforms from large companies and support from competency partners. The outcome is to boost and sustain the demand for local manufacturing and catch the IoT market by improving the European competitiveness. The first goal is to bring innovative CPS to business from any sectors within the help of networking partners. The second goal is to link user and supplier across value-chains and region within the help of the competence partners (coaching, development plan definition, service providers). Support, management and monitoring are provided by the cascade funding partners coming from RTOs and technology transfer-oriented university institutes.

To reach these objectives, EuroCPS supports projects considering their excellence, their impact on the ecosystem and their industrialization implementation possibility and prospects through open calls. The three open calls are now closed yielding 34 granted proposals thus on-going projects (Innovator’s Project / Ongoing projects).

General figures

  • 34 granted proposals over 118 submissions
  • 82% of the proposals are cross-borders with partners from at least two different countries
  • The selected proposals include SME ans Start-ups from the consortium countries but also from Belgium and Spain that are outside of the consortium
  • The selected projects cover large variety of CPS domains

Start your next design with an EuroCPS Platform

Avionics platform

The Freescale P5040 board and Seco ARM-based Quad-core board are combined in this platform in order to provide solutions for avionics applications.

iNEMO Platform

An accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and ARM® Cortex™-M3 32-bit MCU are available to the user for implementing versatile inertial applications.

IODP Platform

The IODP Platform supports the entire development process for road vehicles from office to lab to road by integrating real and virtual development methods into one framework.

Power Management Platform

Power Managemt for servers, telecom systems, computers, game consoles, smart phones, cellular infrastructure and lighting solutions.

Quark Platform

Intel Quark is a line of 32-bit x86 SoCs, designed for small size and very low power consumption, and targeted at new markets including wearable devices.

Silicon Platform

ST offers an access to application-specific standard and custom devices and to their leading-edge silicon processes and package technologies for customer-designed products.

STM32F Platform

The STM32 family of 32-bit Flash microcontrollers based on the ARM Cortex™-M processor is designed to offer new degrees of freedom to MCU users.
Find a Design Center close to you

Design Centers in Europe

EuroCPS Networking Partners can help you to find R&D competence centers in your region and link you to the local ecosystem and industry. In addition EuroCPS Design Centers are available to give support during product development or upgrade.

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