What can an EuroCPS Design Center do for SMEs?

The key differentiator of EuroCPS is to be a one-stop-shop for emerging products with a business model accessible to SMEs and new entrants. EuroCPS will act as a value chain aggregator. The network competencies are multidisciplinary (nano-electronics, embedded systems, components, etc.). Industrial partners in experiments will collaborate, driven by user demands, using the available advanced technologies. Innovators across sectors and regions will be connected. EuroCPS will provide both knowledge about application domains and knowledge of advanced technologies and platforms. EuroCPS will be an instrument where demand meets offer; more than a “just” an academic institute, It is an incubation centre. EuroCPS is connected to end users and to industry. EuroCPS features:

  • R&D competences across the value chain (across the full chain from micro-electronics, smartsystems, CPS);
  • R&D experience and application know-how in traditional and in emerging domains;
  • Large partner networks across industry and research, and across ICT supply and demand side;
  • A set of partners rooted in their ecosystem of strong local industries;
  • Experience in the European innovation landscape.

Competence centres

EuroCPS will be a place where multidisciplinary and concurrent designs from system to product are built. The technologies and competencies offered allow innovators from SME and mid-caps to overcome trial and error approaches. Smooth and efficient design processes are provided through advanced platforms and world class quality competency partners. EuroCPS features multidisciplinary teams and experts in a set of complementary competencies covering the key technologies required to design CPS:

  • CPS design and specification
  • Embedded SW design
  • HW architecture design & components reuse
  • HW/SW system integration
  • Enablement for access to HW components and CPS platforms

Who to contact?

Competencies Design centers
CPS design specification X X X X X X X X
Embedded SW design X X X X X X X X
HW architecture design & components reuse X X X X X X X X X
HW/SW system integration X X X X X X X X X X