General information

Manufacturer Thales Group
Technology Avionics Platform


This CPS platform is made of possibly interconnected building blocks for avionics computer systems provided by Thales. The purpose of this platform is to enable developments at real-time software level such as real-time operating systems and/or hypervisors, and possibly software engineering tools and methods. Thus, the platform consists of a processing board that is considered as a candidate for multiple application use. It comes with a set of requirements that are inherent from the application domain. For the experiments that require it, a representative application can be implemented on the platform. For instance, a simplified complete flight management system application may be used under relevant conditions. The processing board is a PowerPC-based evaluation board. The processing boards are evaluation boards from the COTS boards market since it is adequate for the targeted type of experiments. Considering the different challenges of multicore utilisation in the avionics domain, processing board such as the Freescale P5040 board or Seco ARM-based Quad-core board can be combined in this platform.