STMicroelectronics srl participates in the EuroCPS project with the following inertial platforms:

  • iNEMO Discovery -M1 –base on iNEMO M1 SoB
  • WeSU (Wearable Sensing Unit) based on iNEMO LSM6DS3 SiP only available after Q3 2015

Hardware features

  • iNEMO-M1 (SoB):
    • high-density performance line ARM®-based 32-bit MCU
    • 6-axis digital e-compass module
    • 3-axis digital gyroscope (roll, pitch, yaw), 16-bit data output
  • in-system ceramic resonator
  • A complete pin-out of iNEMO-M1 available on two double connectors
  • Pressure Sensor LPS331AP
  • External 5V internal LDO
  • USB Full-Speed
  • Two push buttons and two LEDs


Software features

  • PC GUI and SDK
  • FW Sensor libraries
  • USB virtual COM
  • AHRS Algorithm

The Discovery M1 opens the INEMO-M1 ecosystem to the worldwide developer community. It offers a means to explore and evaluate the INEMO-M1, providing complete access to all the benefits of the first 9-axis system-on-board (SoB) in the iNEMO® module family. The accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and ARM® Cortex™-M3 32-bit MCU are fully accessible to the user firmware, enabling the implementation of complex and versatile inertial applications in fields such as robotics, personal navigation, gaming, and wearable sensors for healthcare/fitness or sport kinetics.

The Discovery M1 includes the LPS331AP pressure sensor, adding barometric and altimeter information to the inertial data to create a complete 10-DoF system. The pin-out of the two on-board connectors offer immediate access to all of the communication interfaces and peripherals of the INEMO-M1. The PC GUI combined with the firmware libraries permit quick sensor output display.

Why use the Discovery M1?

  • To enable rapid development with the INEMO-M1
  • It delivers a sensor platform capable of tracking 10 degrees-of-freedom by combining the INEMO-M1 and LPS331AP
  • It includes an SDK and embeds a pre-compiled Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) algorithm


ST Discovery M1 Software Suite

The iNEMO Suite (v2.5) includes a graphical user interface to exploit the Discovery M1 board features and display the sensor data. A Software Development Kit (SDK) is available to develop personalized PC applications. The SDK contains a compass application demo, a 3D Cube demo to show the Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) capability of iNEMO Engine Lite. It provides a boot loader to easily update the firmware via DFU, a complete set of firmware libraries to manage the INEMO-M1 on-board sensors and a firmware framework based on FreeRTOSTM.

More information on Discovery M1 and the iNemo ecosystem

  • INEMO-M1: 9-axis motion sensing system-on-board (SoB)
  • Discovery M1: INEMO-M1 Discovery ki
  • STSW-INEMO001: Software suite (GUI, firmware and SDK) for Discovery M1
  • iNEMOEng_M1LI3: iNEMO Engine Lite, source code for sensor fusion AHRS algorithm for iNEMO-M1

Hardware features

  • iNEMO- LSM6DS3 (SiP):
    • 3-D digital accelerometer
    • 3-D digital gyroscope
    • Hard, soft ironing for external magnetic sensor corrections
    • Embedded temperature sensor
    • SPI/I2C serial interface
  • low power microcontroller ARM® Cortex-M3 – 32-bit
  • 3-axis high performance magnetometer
  • LPS25HB, barometric pressure sensor
  • BlueNRG, Bluetooth® low energy wireless network processor
  • USB Full-Speed
  • One push buttons and two LEDs Chip Antenna and μFL connector


Software features

  • PC GUI and SDK
  • FW Sensor libraries
  • USB virtual COM
  • AHRS Algorithm
  • Same SDK for iOS and Android Platforms

The iNEMO System in Package (SiP) LSM6DS3, featuring a 3D digital accelerometer and a 3D digital gyroscope is the inertial core of the WeSU evaluation board. WESU complements the inertial module with a low power ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller, a high performance magnetometer, a barometric pressure sensor, a power management circuitry and a Bluetooth® low energy wireless network processor.

Why use the WeSU?

WESU is a System Evaluation Board designed to provide a cost effective solution for precise motion sensing in wearable and object motion applications.

The connectivity granted by the best in class BlueNRG and supported by the integrated balun (BALF-NRG-01D3) permit to maximize the RF performances with low area occupancy and design effort.

Android and iOS APP, available on Google Play and Apple Store, can be used for displaying information sent by the WeSU through BLE connectivity as well as for setting operative modes.

Compliance with Bluetooth 4.0 (LE) stack specification allows to expose application functionalities through structured services and characteristics in which WeSU is hosting a GATT (Generic Attribute) Server while mobile app is acting as a GATT client.

WeSU Software from low level to user application

Mobile Software Development Kit, is available to develop personalized applications , to implements

  • A Multi-Node connection manager
  • Device manager
  • Interaction with localization services
  • Sensor database builder


Supporting the application control by means of the iNEMO Engine software libraries for multi-sensor data fusion.

iNEMO Engine software uses advanced algorithms to integrate outputs from multiple MEMS sensors in a smart way, independently of environmental conditions, to reach the best performance.

The iNEMO engine be combined with ST’s iNEMO inertial modules allows to create the industry’s first complete and customizable hardware/software multi-axis MEMS sensor solutions for enhanced motion and accurate heading recognition.

More information on WeSU and the iNemo ecosystem

For additional information please contact your local ST Sales Office, Online Technical Support or the STE2E Communities.