SmartAnythingEverywhere newsletter Q1/2018

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SAE Brochure 2018

Thanks to many projects aligned to the SmartAnythingEverywhere Initiative we are happy to present the next edition of the SAE brochure containing many interesting information and several examples of successful projects under the SAE initiative.

Find free download here!

What it is all about: the SAE success stories

You are interested in the SAE projects and want to learn more about them? Look behind the scenes and find here several success stories from various fields of applications.

New working groups to advance in the digitisation of European industry

Following the latest high-level governance meeting of the European Platform of National Initiatives on Digitising Industry, three Working Groups have been launched to discuss and make progress on the implementation of the Digitising European Industry initiative.

Find more information about the different working groups here!


Diatomic: Digital Innovation Hubs boosting European Microelectronics Industry

Recently, Diatomic launched a pan-European one-stop shop to facilitate microelectronics-based innovation in health, agrifood and manufacturing. It is designed to address the key challenges many SMEs/midcaps have identified in crossing the “Valley of Death”.

read more about it or find here the one stop shop

FED4SAE: Accelerating European CPS solutions to market

To learn more about the project, Intel and ST-I industrial platforms have a closer look at the offered webinars on the FED4SAE website

Currently, several projects aligned to the SAE initiative offer the possibility to engage within their open calls:

Open Call for Application Experiments based on Advanced Microelectronics & Smart System Integration targeting Health, Agrifood, and Manufacturing

Starting from 15 March 2018, DIATOMIC, a pan-European network of digital innovation hubs, is looking to support innovative and scalable application experiments enabled by advanced microelectronics technologies and smart systems integration. Targeting health, agrifood, and the manufacturing sectors, DIATOMIC offers up to €200.000 funding per experiment, including advanced technology testbeds, as well as tailored business support to fast-track design, development and prototyping of market-driven products and services.

Find further information here

Open Call for Value Chain Oriented and Interdisciplinary Technology Transfer Experiments

The new TETRAMAX call for Value Chain Oriented and Interdisciplinary Technology Transfer Experiments offers funding up to €100,000.

Requirements are the following:

  • a partner with a customized low-energy computing, hardware or software technology from research
  • an OEM partner from another EU country to test/deploy the technology in its products
  • a technology specialist to extend the value chain for a wider market.

For further information click here

Open Call for Flexible Electronics Products

SmartEES is European acceleration program, supported by the European Commission and dedicated to help innovative companies access new markets and grow their business by using flexible electronics in new lines of products.

50 innovative solutions of Organic and Large Area Electronics (OLAE) will be offered in the fields of organic photovoltaics, flexible displays, OLED lighting Electronics & components or Integrated Smart Systems to design and launch new product ideas.

Further Information will be available here

Upcoming call FED4SAE

The second call will open on May 29, closing on September 18 2018.

Webinar to learn more about the submission procedure to be found here

Closed Call on customised low-energy computing

TETRAMAX has closed the 1st call for Bilateral Technology Transfer Experiments (TTX) in Customized Low-Energy Computing. 38 applications from all over Europe were received and TETRAMAX is excited to see all these innovative ideas and international collaborations in the budding.

Closed Call for Application Experiments by FED4SAE

FED4SAE ‘s first open call for Application Experiments closed on February 6 2018.
33 proposals from all over Europe were received, currently in evaluation process. The notifications will be available soon!


Meet us at the following events:

April 4-5 2018: Sido: The IoT Showroom, Lyon (France)

SAE cluster projects EuroCPS & FED4SAE will participate at this exhibition and conference. For more information click here.

April 11-12 2018: SSI smartsystemsintegration conference and exhibition, Dresden (Germany)

See what is possible when working with the SAE initiative: meet our experts when several Application Experiments funded by SAE cluster project Smarter-SI are presented to the public.

Further information

April 16-17 2018: microTec Südwest Clusterkonferenz 2018, Freiburg (Germany)

Domestic and foreign experts from industry, science and politics exchange important future trends and new applications in microsystems technology. Opportunities for networking and pitches. Presentation of the SmartAnythingEverywhere Initiative on 17 April, 1pm (session “service for KMU/SME”) Further information

April 19 2018: Designing for Digital Transformation, Munich (Germany)

This event brings together digitisation experts, researchers and policy-makers from across Europe to share insights on challenges and opportunities in the digital transformation of industry, with a focus on industrial automation and automotive. The programme will particularly look at SMEs and mid-caps and discuss their needs and experiences, and how they can benefit from support on regional, national and European level. Participation is free of charge but registration is needed.

Register here

April 23-27 2018: Hannover Messe, Hanover (Germany)

Meet the SAE initiative and several projects aligned on one of the world’s most important industrial fairs. Find us on our booth in Hall 6, position G46. Further information


Digitising European Industry Stakeholder Forum 2018, Paris (France), March 27-28 2018

The Stakeholder Forum aims to bring together all the different actors involved in the digital value chain, such as the European Commission, Member States, national initiatives, industry representatives, SMEs, academia and Digital Innovation Hubs to share experiences, exchange best practices and discuss the implementation of the DEI initiative. Read more

DATE 2018, Dresden (Germany), March 19-23 2018

Several participants from different SAE projects participated at the session “Enabling ICT Innovations for European SMEs” chaired by SAE cluster project TETRAMAX.

Shown on the photo from left to right:

Robin Schubert (BASELABS), Rainer Leupers (TETRAMAX), Isabelle Dor (FED4SAE), Bernd Janson (ZENIT), Juan Eusse (SILEXICA) and Luca Fanucci (Università di Pisa).

LOPEC, international Exhibition and Conference for the Printed Electronics Industry, Munich (Germany), March 13-15 2018

Meeting of the DIH Working Groups bringing Digital Innovation Hubs together and sharing best practices, January / February 2018

Find here the reports of the meeting in January and February 2018 as well as the link to the streaming service of the European Commission:

HiPEAC, Manchester (Great Britain), January 22-24 2018

Haydn Thompson (Smart4Europe) presented on Market Opportunities for CPS in Transportation at a workshop on CPS Success Stories Workshop organized in Manchester during the HiPEAC 2018 event. The HiPEAC conference is the premier European forum for experts in computer architecture, programming models, compilers and operating systems for embedded and general-purpose systems. Poster presentation by Smart4Europe.

EFECS, European Forum for Electronic Components and Systems, Brussels (Belgium), December 5-7 2017:

Co-organised by AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA, EPoSS, ECSEL-JU and the European Commission.

Presentation of several SAE projects at the EFECS with its theme „Our Digital Future“. Workshop on Commercialization of Smart Systems chaired by Smarter-SI, aligned SAE project following the event.

iMNC, International Micro Nano Conference in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), December 12-13 2017:

The Annual Concertation and Consultation Workshop on Micro-Nano-Bio Systems was hosted and co-organized by iMNC 2017 in collaboration with the European Commission.

Several presentations on the SAE initiative and aligned project Smarter-SI.