Sensing Environments: An Internet of Things Pit Stop

April 27 @ 9:00 am – April 28 @ 5:30 pm

As the Internet of Things gathers pace, the Digital Catapult aims to help innovators develop and scale their products and services in the smart building and smart city application space. The Pit Stop is an intense 2-day open innovation activity combining startups, larger corporates, university researchers and experts to solve problems, do business, initiate new collaborations and address some of the deeper issues.

Themes to be explored
Within the Internet of Things space we’ll be looking in this activity at applications that involve sensing environments, starting from sensor networks and communications and moving up to data, services and issues of personal data, privacy, security and big data. The applications will range from building monitoring, city infrastructure, digital health and may encompass personal/consumer as well as public projects.

What to expect
These Pit Stops are carefully designed to give you in depth advice and valuable interaction through 1:1 sessions with high calibre experts and partners, providing hands on help with your specific issues around growth and scaling. There will be expert sessions with our leading technical and industry experts, providing insights and consultation around building better connected products, manufacturing, design, user research, software development, security, big data / data science / machine learning and architecture. There will also be partner sessions for corporations, startups and university researchers to meet and explore opportunities.

Who is it for
The activity will be most valuable for three types of innovators:

  1. Entrepreneurs from seed-funded SMEs and startups that have a product or service at the prototype or product testing stage. They would gain from the Pit Stop by finding opportunities for partnership and  help with further product development and scaling.
  2. Stakeholders from larger companies and device manufacturers looking to partner with startups and researchers
  3. University researchers or PhD students working on IoT applications looking to explore collaboration or commercial opportunities.

We anticipate a mixture of business and technical sessions so there will be value for CEOs, CTOs, heads of business development or innovation, as well as individual researchers from the academic side.

Startups / SME / Not- Profit / Government / University: £150 (£75 early bird)
Corporate (more than 250 employees): £250 (£125 early bird)