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We live in a world of increasingly mobile and highly connected applications and although the digital revolution is omnipresent, the way we interact with applications has barely evolved and we still largely rely on systems that are controlled manually. The interactive potential of the human eye is considerable. It is “broadband”, anticipatory, and receptive and can carry physiological as well as emotional data.

Breaking away from traditional interactive methods, SuriCog has conceived and developed a unique, mobile and real-time system that is controlled by the direction of the eyes’ gaze. Our invention provides a natural interaction between the eye and the object viewed and opens up a range of new opportunities for applications, both for B2B and general consumer markets alike.

SuriCog won an award for “best start-up” when it made its first public presentation at Laval Virtual 2014, France, International Conference and Exhibition of Virtual Technologies and Uses.

Our product is the result of multidisciplinary expertise and comprises in-built electronics and software that are modular and extremely adaptable. The three core technological elements are:

  1. a mini eye-tracker positioned near the eye which analyzes high frequency eye movement, processes information and sends data to a geo-location relay via a wireless connection.
  2. a geo-location relay that identifies and captures respective positions of the eye-tracker and the viewed object.
  3. an application that processes real-time results from the interaction between eye and object.

Numerous applications are possible. Two examples: in an airplane cockpit (safety, process controls, ergonomics), or in public places (comments naturally triggered on voluntarily selected details).

suricog_1 suricog_2

Through this project, SuriCog will be able to validate the concept of a fully embeddable and mobile eye-tracking system that allows the correlation in real time between gaze direction and the surrounding environment.