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The Nederlands has 22 million bicycles, of which around 120 000 are reported stolen very year. This figure is highly optimistic as anectodal evidence strongl suggests that most stolen bikes are not reported. Bycle theft is hight in the Nederlands compared to the rest of Europe, but successive initiatives over the years have failed to substantially address the problem and it remains a big social issues.

TT-LinQ project addresses this problem with the intention of creating a culture where people do not need to worried about biccle and moped theft, with a solution that can easely be estended to other property too. It aims as proposing a solution as simple as possible comparing to traditional ones which will results in lower costs and lower enery comsmption, which translates to a ‘fit and forget’ solution for users in comparison with additional approaches which are much more expensives and have limited battery lifetimes, demanding ongoing maintenance and user involvement.

The TT-LinQ solution allows users to easily secure their bike or moped and to be able to trace it via their smartphone when it is lost or stolen. It is an easy install device secured on or in the bike, with a three year battery life. The device is accessed by a smartphone or a web App. Communication with is via LoRa across the wide area and BLE when close to the device. All comuunications are encrypted, making them to be difficult to observe by third parties.

The TT-LinQ solution adopts new technologies, LoRa and low power CPUs, to realise an effective solution. The challenge is in minimizing dimensions to fit the product in the bike by optimizing the combination of LoRa and the low power CPU, while maintaining full functionality.The obejetcives are therefore

  • Accurate position determination,
  • High communication reliability,
  • Long Life Battery.
Example of TT-LinQ device
Bycycle tracking