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LEDs’ compatibility with voltage levels used in digital electronics allows digital control of LED based lighting installations easily, thus allows smart functions be implemented. The „smart SSL solutions” concepts of HungaroLux target system level applications with advanced communications, envisioning the HungaroLux LED luminaires become parts of smart home, smart building and smart city solutions. E.g. a flexible and open communications module of street-lighting luminaires allows supporting advanced functions in future smart city concepts.

Simple dimming and simple digital control of lamps is available already; but such solutions are proprietary and embryonic. As there are no vendor independent street-lighting control communication standards available, operators cannot use products of multiple luminaire manufacturers mixed in a single system. Cost and complexity of the physical infrastructure of smart control is also an issue.

The planned modular and flexible communications subsystem for LED luminaires is foreseen to provide bi-directional flow of data not only about the health of the LED luminaires but will allow transmission of any other environmental information sensed by a luminaire. Inspired by the OSI model of computer networks, flexibility in this context means configurability to existing and possible future lighting control protocols and physical data connection layers, addressing both the problem of product diversity and the available physical infrastructure. This way the smart LED luminaires of HungaroLux will be configurable to the actual environment of the lighting system operators, both in terms of physical channels (e.g. RF or PLC) and protocols.