GlobalSensing Technology (GST)


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GlobalSensing Technologies (GST) aims at providing innovative products and services based on neuro-inspired algorithms. Its solutions use cutting-edge data processing chains involving capture of natural data by heterogeneous sensors and their processing and analysis using neural network paradigms. This approach is very adaptable to situations where detecting/recognizing events and objects make sense. Neuro-inspired algorithms can classify in real-time patterns or signals, helping the system to understand its environment to act consequently. Targeting networked embedded applications providing services to users, GST solutions perfectly fit within the CPS paradigm. To tackle complex challenges of next-generation applications, GST collaborates with CEA through a joint laboratory to enhance its products with an innovative neural processor named PNeuro (prototyped on FPGA). To support the growth of GST, targeted application domains and customers clearly require strong improvements in computing power, power consumption, and cost for high volumes. ASIC technologies (28nm FDSOI) from platform provider ST-F is seen as a key enabler technology for GST business and the way to go beyond pure FPGA-based products. In NeuroCPS, GST and CEA aim at investigating ASIC-based solutions for complex applications when traditional approaches are neither sufficient nor efficient.

Activities of this project involving strong cooperation between GST and CEA:

  • Specifications of CPS solutions adapted to GST future business based on an ASIC version of PNeuro,
  • Modification of the current FPGA prototype to an ASIC-ready system and architecture exploration,
  • Feasibility study of PNeuro system configurations using 28FDSOI technology,
  • Evaluation of an emulated CPS prototype with cutting-edge applications with respect to GST business plan (performance, power, cost, time to market)

NeuroCPS will allow GST to provide innovative solutions and to create significant turnover and job growth for the company.


NeuroFPGA board, current GST product (