In the MGIoT industrial experiment, GreenWaves will focus on the design and fabrication of a prototyping and development platform implementing the GreenOFDM technology.

This technology solves the peak to average power ratio drawback of the OFDM modulations which puts high constraints on the transmit power amplifier, leading to huge power consumption and hardware cost for the OFDM transceiver. Green-OFDM paves the way for low cost / high data rate / long range communications for the Internet of Things, opening the door for new applications in this fast emerging market.

The MGIoT platform is a complete radio board targeting subGighz communications for a new generation of high data rate IoT applications for the Low Power Wireless Area Networks (LPWAN).

It will include a programmable FPGA implementing a flexible greenOFDM digital modem, a STM32 microcontroler for MAC layer software stack, and an off the shelf analog front end/ radio frequency front end (AFE/RFE).

The goal of the project is to design and fabricate the board, test it under “real life” communication environment, and produce performance measurements of the greenOFDM technology in a realistic LPWAN use case.

More specifically, a network of objects comprising a camera and a greenOFDM module communicates at 1Mb/s over the air with an application server through a greenOFDM gateway.


The picture shows the GreenOFDM radio module prototype developed during the first weeks of the project MGIoT, including the identified electronic components. It will allow early software developments and performance measurement while the integrated radio board is designed.