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Among the different technologies currently available for internal combustion engines (ICE), the Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) is the one which has constantly gained importance. The major advantages of a GDI engine are increased fuel efficiency, high power output, and precise control of the emissions levels.

The increased power density available in modern ICEs and the inherent reduction of losses makes the 3 cylinders engine as one of the most promising architectures for the next years.

Nevertheless, the expected consistent growth in the GDI engine market must be continuously supported through innovative concepts aimed at further improving both performance and efficiency of the powertrain system.

Multiple injections are key to control precisely the combustion process in the GDI technology. To support new engine combustion concepts, using multiple injections in combination with high rail pressure, the non-linear range of the solenoid injectors has to be used as well.

The specific objective of the project is the development of an advanced development platform, namely MACH65, based on the new generation of high-performance multi-core processor in 65 nm technology and ultra smart driver concepts. The proposed architecture will provide comprehensive HW/SW mechanisms for the precise measurements, in real time, of the injector related parameters which are essential for its precise control under various operating conditions..

Furthermore complex control algorithms for injector compensation will be both developed and executed on a real automotive multi-core processor.

It fits well the requirements of the “Integrated and Open Development Platform” and will fully support an experimental activity on 3 cylinders GDI engine to be run at AVL.