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Winet S.r.l. IE consists in the development of an innovative mobile node, named LTIS, based on the EuroCPS platform iNemo. LTIS will enhance the Winet’s wireless sensor network solution integrating inertial sensing capabilities. The new device is suitable to a wide range of market scenarios, including agri-food production. In this context the new LTIS-based system allows to monitor and optimize different tasks, including the localization of fruit bins, farming vehicles, cattle and people, as well as the estimation of their trajectories across the working areas (e.g. fields, farms or warehouses).

The proposed system constitutes a useful tool to support decisions and control of a variety of agricultural activities, such as fruit/vegetable collection, product quality monitoring, and all aspects of agri-food storage and logistics. The LTIS node design aims at a very high-energy efficiency, obtained through the integration of dedicated algorithms, and accurate positioning in both outdoor and indoor environments. For these reasons, the use of LTIS inertial navigation systems is preferred to traditional satellite-based solutions, which are not suitable to indoor applications. For the development and launching of the LTIS, Winet focuses on agri-food production, implementing a localization and tracking system of fruit bins in agricultural fields and warehouses. The scenario of the LTIS system experiment is depicted in the figure below.


Agri-food scenario for the deployment of the LTIS system