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IBT3 aims to create a platform by which personal data in public places (including privately owned venues such as malls, concert venues, aiports etc) can be collected with consent. Increasingly applications are collecting data from personal devices in public spaces from personal devices without the knowledge of the owner of the device. Examples of such data include MAC address data (which users rarely change) from mobile devices which can be used to track individuals. Recent negative coverage of this data capture has highlighted the potential damage such activities can cause to a brands reputation.

By providing a means by which users can consent to data collection this project presents a method by which data can be collected in public environments within a trusted way. The basic premise is that data collected without consent / permission is filtered and discarded at the point of collection (at the edge) to ensure trust in the system. Reducing the risk of data misuse ranging from personal data harvesting to identity fraud all of which can damage the reputation of the space in which the data was collected.

Additionally the process of giving consent is enabled by a portal we call HelloData. This portal supports SSO and allows users to see what data is collected and add extra detail / context to it. The portal also provides a platform by which 3rd parties can approach users for data, and users can grand third parties special access and set more general data collection policies and register a wide range of devices. Here the user can add permissions on data collection giving different third parties levels of access.

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