This project is driven by APIX Analytics, a French start-up company created in 2014 that develops and commercializes miniaturized multigas GC analyzers. Whereas the first generation APIX’s GC system is cleared to be marketed in Europe (CE mark) and in the US, the company must prepare the step after to propose a cost effective and integrated system. This project aims at giving the company an acceleration toward its system integration, to address the global market challenges and in particular, to develop a solution for gas supply and distribution networks. To do so, we propose to aggregate the outcome of previous research programs and to define a complete solution in two possible steps: a first conservative system based on two existing ASICs (in two different CMOS technologies), and a new ASIC definition and architecture for APIX’s next generation system. This project will also integrate ASIC fabrication costs study and test strategy definition, based on process technology information and simulations.