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CPS with innovative components (SW, HW) projects

Development of a network connected sensing electronic (Charger Guard) which detects the battery- charging status of industrial battery chargers from competitive brands. This enables the integration of charger from competitors into IEB battery- supervising system.

Industrial battery chargers are often spatially combined in an industrial facility where batteries (eg. for forklifts) are put for recharging. A supervising system for the battery state of charge supports the worker to use the charged batteries in the right order (charged and cooled down battery = best battery). This system enables the maximum lifetime of the batteries or indicates when old batteries should be replaced. The detection of the state of charge is done best by the charger electronic itself and therefore the supervising systems are working within a charger- network of one supplier brand (using the telemetry data of the charger). Selling IEB charger in an already existing charger- network of a competitive brand is linked to a battery supervising system where existing competitor charger can be integrated without access to the telemetry data.

Within EuroCPS an electronic and software (charger guard) will be developed which shall directly be adapted to the poles of a battery, charged by a competitor battery charger. New software- algorithms of battery tracking voltage will allow detecting the state of charge. The Charger Guard is connected to the IEB charger network via a proprietary bus. Prospect:
By integrating competitor chargers into IEB supervising system (via Charger Guard) the industrial customer can change from a proprietary charger network to a free scalable, enabling also an easy change from existing (competitor) battery chargers to IEB- systems. This results in new market possibilities for supervising systems and for battery charging infrastructure for IEB.


Charger guard concept