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Heart disease and stroke cause the death of about 17 million people annually – approximately 33% of all deaths worldwide (one every 60 seconds). The only tool available to physicians and cardiologists to evaluate irregular heart rate, heart rhythm, and diagnose heart cardiac abnormalities are Electrocardiography monitoring devices (ECG). Such high-accuracy devices are capable of recording the heart’s patterns using 12-leads only over a limited period of time (usually 24 hours). As numerous heart abnormalities take place at random intervals, this assessment is inadequate in spotting heart problems.

The industrial experiment that we conduct will provide an innovative wearable CPS that supports real-time, high-definition electrocardiography using a wearable, diagnosis-grade ECG device. We will leverage an innovative miniature sensor that we have developed in our company and take advantage of the Intel CPS platform in order to process the high-frequency signal within the edge device.

The produced device will be capable of analyzing the signal and apply innovative pattern recognition techniques to increase the accuracy of the detection algorithms thus cost-effectively preventing unnecessary post-PCI admissions, on the basis of its low cost and accurate ECG recording. We will collaborate closely with the Digital Catapult and the already established partnerships with the academia, medical institutions in order to accelerate business development and form the backbone for the development of our system and its exploitation. In this context the project can offer innovative, market oriented results that are competitive at a global scale.

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