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System integration projects

Currently virtual reality and interaction with virtual objects is a hot trend. However, the available devices to tackle this task are in early development stages, mostly targeting gaming industry and with early stage/general purpose functionalities.

There is however a gap between these general purpose devices (tools, helmets) and high costs ones for specific professional applications. In the frame of 3DGxGlove, EUROB intends to develop a tool (Glove like) for specifically interacting, modelling and working with 3D objects, featuring full developed capabilities for this objective, like high accuracy sensing, motion and pressure detection (10 degrees of freedom); magnetic interferences immunity for real world application; wireless and low energy consumption; almost no calibration needed and ergonometric, robust and aesthetics design appealing.

To fulfil this objective, EUROB will base on the iNEMO WeSU (Wearable Sensing Unit) provided by STMicroelectronics, which provides most of the above functionalities, and allows additional sensors and actuators integration to provide a unique immersive haptic experience. University of Bologna will provide additional help in the functional design and prototype validation.

This development will be coupled with one of EUROB’s key products, 3DGxPaint (, a Software as a Service being offered through any compatible HTML5 browser, which allows 3D objects creation and manipulation, cloud storage, market place, co-creation and real time streaming. This software currently uses as input device Leap Motion (with/out Oculus Rift glasses) or a mouse.

However the user experience provided with both is poor, due to the scarce accuracy of Leap Motion sensor and the “standard” experience with the mouse. EUROB also intends to make available 3DGxGlove to third party applications thanks to an open API and commercialize it separately, boosting its commercial and exploitation potential.