General information

Manufacturer SEI
Technology CPSDA Platform


Connectivity Platform Solution for Digitalization Application from SEI. This CPS platform is a new digital microprocessor concept, combining Application Processing, communication switching and Fieldbus on a single chip. CPSDA is a single-chip solution, based on an ARM Cortex – an industry-standard core. It provides high performance and superior connectivity, in a low-cost, low-power design. It also complies with the latest cyber-security recommendations. CPSDA is accompanied by Linux and real-time operating system base ports; and it offers state-of-the-art debugging support. Providing high performance for low cost, the CPSDA platform is highly versatile. It can address following application domains: industrial (PLC, motor control), residential (home automation, energy control), communication (gateway) and safety-critical devices (circuit breakers). This very wide scope will foster large adoption for this platform, hence improving SW quality and time-to-market for final usage. By bringing Connectivity and ample processing performance in large set of devices, this HW & SW solution will be the enabler of offer digitalization and services-based business model.